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01 Import

We help manufacturers abroad to sell their products to the Turkish market.

02 Export

We help manufacturers in Turkey to sell their products to foreign markets.

03 Logistics

We help businesses manage their logistics processes during the Import and Export process.

04 Product Research

We assist in product research in target markets during the Import and Export process.

Welcome to Kermasa!

We are always with our customers with quality service and unconditional customer satisfaction.

About Kermasa

KERMASA GLOBAL is an import - export business established in Kayseri in 2023 by professionals who have been active in various fields of the manufacturing sector for many years, intensifying their work in providing consultancy to companies operating in the field of import and export in recent years.

Professional Team

KERMASA GLOBAL, with its expert and dynamic staff, cleverly organizes and uses the opportunities offered by technology and commercial capabilities in import and export processes and raises the bar.

Customer Happiness

KERMASA GLOBAL, which adopts the principle of continuous development and innovation, realizes its sustainable growth targets by always keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

7/24 Support

The ability of KERMASA GLOBAL to respond to customer demands as soon as possible in accordance with the conditions of the day is the most concrete indicator of the principle of timely supply and customer focus.

Special Solutions

In addition, KERMASA GLOBAL offers solutions that provide design and production support for the special demands of project customers, apart from portfolio products.

Our Philosophy

KERMASA GLOBAL is to safely deliver the products in its commercial ecosystem to the whole world with its stakeholders, with a high satisfaction understanding.

Our Mission

Aware of its ethical values and social responsibility, it provides the most appropriate solution and value proposals through the most accurate channel, by understanding customer needs and expectations in the best way, and delivering a wide range of products and services to all businesses that want to import and export in the fastest and most effective way, through alternative distribution channels. To be a company that operates at world standards with a sustainable import-export approach and prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.

Our Vision

To meet the expectations of the consumers at the highest level with the right quality / price ratio and wide product range, to be the leading company that takes its competitors as an example, widespread, universal, respected and high in market value in various parts of Turkey and the world.

Our Services

As Kermasa Global, we aim to create a perfect commercial experience for our customers in the following fields of activity with a professional perspective.

Our Areas of Expertise

KERMASA GLOBAL offers quality middle and upper segment products to the world markets by carrying out all import - export processes in the products demanded by its customers in a problem-free and professional manner, with its original attitude, high quality and professional line.

We continue our work with the pride of being a company that has proven itself in the supply of home furniture. We offer you comfort, elegance and quality with our new and modern collections.

  • Living room sets: sofa set, sofa, functional armchairs.
  • Bedroom set: bed, base, headboard.
  • Home security: wooden interior door and steel exterior door.

In all our products, we inform our customers at every stage from the order approval process. We work hard to ensure that our products reach the promised delivery time without any problems.

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